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tv   Channel 2 News 11PM  CBS  January 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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an end wh wevery intrheweatr s comeorto nerthvan ne. ermembst to itay wanh chnel 2 ne thws on ..e air.e, onlin on ce fa abookwind tortter frm stowa cotch innt cuingagovere. am in c20paign t16htonig... as it wma the sfillest eld ofre anpublicde presintial nd ca yidatesthet on se maintagefo sir the p xth godebateto night.ah yewi, and fth the cirststonte i instowa ju a weeks. way the
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wengia jiaor has m ne fromorth le char cstonoliniseum south57 -1:02 :11:03-10 1: 1 17-1:2 -11:22:24 tr 4 t1:3 trfronr unnelddonamp truug broht bi his arrther ntgumein agast his os clriest cval tostenter age, a "in odebatefon the nex busiss tw ne" ork.cltrump msai c tedruz t isn'ifqualied fto runor idpresbeent e causheor was bn to u- a tis ci czen onn anadiasoil. whq: "yoy are giu brins ng thiup " now. um trecp: b nause howine's dog a blittleetit b nter.ido, i dn't re caor beft'e. iues truz. cr: i myspent ee carfer dethnding e s. conioitutm n - i'not nn go ta beg akinl legaadcevifr alom donp.d trum trbut deump maol no aps ogiefor hi -s tone reug buffiniscriticm fr gom the sop andarouth colina go nvernoralikki hey. 'm "i b angry oecausentur coury esis a ms." uz crto also t ok heailfor faing isto da close iomillarn doll lo roan fldm gosaman uschs o ed t ncfinas e hi s2012enate ai camps gn. ye ai madewo paperrk dierror ngsclosion it onefi
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iv unl ersaneoppon nt oe stagwas cr demolaat hil cryonlintne. no o o wh tliedoso thure foil famies ou abhat bengiszi... fi qualied b toide present t ofnihe ustted . ates heif ss getd electersher fit 0 10. days..ghshe mioit be gng ee betwwhn the hoite anuse d e ththcour. ouseso thme of ide candooates tk a di enfferoat apprtrch to ump's op pr bosedalan on iml musls en tteringtehe uniesd stat. "you n' ca bt just man all. uslimsyou t haven o barathe isdical c lamiji s.hadiste " "wt don' twanto pu t odeverybhey in t same ca rytego c." theteandidas get an r othecechance to faf ofwoin twe ..eks. d. justfoays bere thewa iose caucus.ij weiaia js ng, cb, newsh nort le charsoston, cauth . rolina to and lonight atcals gtohered h watcbathe dedite... scuss ma the sujor isanes... e d mayb beget a detter ihia of wch idcandthate uley shoord suppt. ve senoral nrtherns evadanwere re fit d up aelmen wiirding fe wawhile ngtchi d theebate. daamanet kdgchletee at tndedhe wa h tcrtpaany jod s in nusowli n ve inethe omwsro. am whanda, pat didhaeople ve to
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maer northdan nevatans we lked s totoeemed t agreeashere w alo pt ofl ersonas attackn betweeth ide candraates, hather ttan lk ou abe t thesissu. ri agder hao:e, renth "i ink we d starteayto strin away of some is the debatchin whi they otwere nng willilk to ta aboutso f me oacthe altual tking ts poinea. insterd we wtie starng usto foc b on toeaash thch oer, hi in which i t cnk theteandidas ed nemo to y ve awahafrom tt and ar stalt actukily talbong autli pocies."me sors viewein watchdeg the batere wess impreseed by ofveral thend ca, idatesotwhile avhers foredrt ceesain ond . anknyou heew wn me solione atked whhe they ard,be clcause aappingernd cheing tfilledoohe ronm. te ight w un foled peoplo were fooking r s answerghto tous issuefacing a.americec...esp tial lynehe os atthat mtoter m theonpersally. eg grso hudo:n, renee "we nd toop stfr jobs oiom gveng orseas. ee we nrid to bm ng theba nck. wetoeed ck go bae in thld goar stande d. w tneedopo st ly." t in ohe enddef the , batesomeop pet le felhelike te re werea clr nn wid ers antedefini
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rethin in lee middwh of o theyli tyll petno, reee: "bn icrepublllan ali my jufe. i stnt wh coen it memes tite to vo."l altcthe way h parts viewerwe ed talkni to toidght saon everye sh etould gme inforhed on tca esndidathe and ts issuetheysu ..pport. cso theakan me an edinformis decanion wd votehen e thomtime c es. ri covepang cam-1ign 20da6 aman hlketc, edgenechannel 2 . ws an thmaks anda.ok loouing ar wnd theoworld n... stat leaop 14 pee le wer ed killd ... ane 27 werreinjud r afteura to o buswan its y to a i sks resorttrin cenanal jap -id slth down tae moundeinsit jus ur ho os ago.lsfficiahe say t bus ed veero off tpothe op lsiteane ouon a mrontain r ad neathe mo faorus res ot townf ru kaa.izawam.. rhrming tough a dr guaranail idd slwning do theun modetainsich. the d arterebus rrwas ca1 ying 4, peoplecl intwuding o iv dro ers whakwere trning s ere waw no sno oor icee n th s roadceurfa. is iss say bit wasthehind e iattackrtn jakaa, ne indo--sia-eryest t day -hat
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26 bthers.mout as aire detls er em- ge -eait app frs theive ck attahaers ggd binser pla... cioffisaals aty the - tack -ic whlvh invoered a sies of pl ex aosionsnd ba gun-n ttle iracentkal jarta -- hacould n ve bee wmuch. orse esimagm froenthe sc ce showars wi leth buls.t holett and aackers ar wesuing e icid ovests.neat ertackon detisated h vest si in sde auctarbt ks. buau itthorbeies anlieve other erattackwh died ven hisest to debynated en accidt. do ina nesirehas moms musli than ot any unher co ttry inldhe wor-- 2arounddr-huniled mbulion. t it a isnt couowy knitn for s ra modeinte, ma tstreamg eachinof m.isla f thef ear, o, courseisat thi- i-s- bes may ng gaini afo ldothoso in asutheiat as. a and clittletoloser .. home. idpresobent siama viuited losanato - day inpushplg his an to ex mpandaiedicd. e thidpresprent d aise silouis ana'denew atmocric goorvernn , joedbel s.wardho.. wju adst muie loa sian31the stst toate an expdid me. caidit t wasighe rnght thi tndo do.a
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st the fiate's . nances e the white housmaesti30tes 0- ndthousaia louisnasi re- dents n'who dovet hahe nsalth iur -ancel wilnow fibeneomt fr p theamrogr. th ese prt idens want smores tate to oi jn ve-- eoun thghre icpublhaans owve vo ed talrepe e thfoaflerdabac care het. tme edicaidonxpansigr proilam wl i bed nclude fin theederalbu rodget pprposal idesenamt oba s sendonto cs gres mnext..onth. wi and vill proitde addional ce inesntiv s fortotates xp eand di me, caidudinclexing intendg tithe heme ter fedoval genernmt wi fll payor it. y mysteruecontinurs to sround withe ofnners last ni 1.ght's io6 billarn dollwe pol rbalpojackt. e the threpelucky roople fm licafoiarnfl, a,oridnd a te esnne sehaetve yco to me fo ..rward. bhaut tnot's t op st cpings rowdfrom le ceinbratg. ciespe tallytohe swnre of er oa i7-11inn chllo hihos -- w got a mi llllion-dockar cheel for sling e onheof tni winicng t. ketsthe ot twher reo wed sol gat aryroce st
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..orida. r and astetail ore in nf mu tord,neensswhee. en the erwinnoms do care forwacd... eh wi anll bark nely mi 529-n llioardollfos be rexe tas. ng comian up - r othestarre is i madennn coonectiat to th drug t dealhourned imicideonn carsci arty elihier t. s weekthe
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ninew to cght inmerit. bea.. theno ree policmedeparts nt iin atvestigshing a fiots red deincit nt anoa rert apament mp cotolex day. cepolie weredcall t out0 o 56br y inkbueavenun aro15d 5:ni to oght...pon a rert of ve seraotl shres fitod inup gro p nockily as one wnj i. ured.. enbut whar they onrived sc ..ene.ic polune fothd e su haspect d fled. e thwhfolks reo wet show at kneo whspthe suwaect s. d wearid an rcea sead h anwe blwere arre to ae est thy primar t suspecs in thiascase, as well ta deevin s oeral pthere.eopl lipocel telheus tid incdoent esno art appe g to belaang reted.bu int the veigstioatisn on going.
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s to this case itoasked l cal wsecretitt ness a49322 - nd hured. mathe huiene socofty is ngferi a
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in zo cone ne-- u yohamay icve note ed mor ol potheles lat yy - asriou dve ndarouru the teackee mdows. th arat's l bgelyseecaue of th , colder wwetter weathere're ri expe. encing npauln elso ataggeditlong wh ty ci - crewsey as thre repaid on tce stre rh ofayoadw.. today. d and file rthist.epor h torcinblowg wi hnterotas nn bee tkindr o ou s roador-- f ccing trewstco pah neup o p aotholenofter ather. elmarne'l "wngre usi a hot aliquid tsphalts hat haag
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ct struntural i wegritya ithin al smiol sectn." buist thno is ict a qux.k fi in heysz say' thee ll bg dointhis otype ff workthor mons. el marn pl "the iroblems s, it'a incont puing. rocessceso, on you ge e t th conesctorrethed, enyo hu'reg avinurfailn es it fron iof st. io,s t' okinddof a mino cteffe y, ifilou wl." olpothes beg aincrs tackst hage ggt biecer b oausetef wad r an ertempe.aturma l rneler"watl wilatmigrtoe in e thk cracthand ouen y t gethe ee frhaze/triw duheng tni t ghd ane thy.dao, sou yav he exinpandd g anracontinctofg he t s road."urfacere titi hitotng pholeth ace surfs e takeina beatg usbeca ce ofanars ucd trks dr g ivin--on it ng causito it cr e.umbl in heysz sa t youalypicetly g one woor tho pots le ainean ar -- bu tht sisettr ichs inagg,ca g usinslthe surrytoeal ak breap tart.s hat'ina ther lay of ntpavemeon, op t oref th se toix esinchas of t.phal elmarnhal "w'rt weeie seowng n, is f theliai ongthf phe asalt lo bendw, a wree'et gting la dezamini otione f thcrmieaosl opon t, . soreyou'rt statoing se l e alpothese tholesfo
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."timeti tire hitotng phole an erd driv ns have -oticed- yi sat'ng is munot unch f ganavi stingciome trty s. eets sh jo o "someemf th g arengetti nd kide of , ep. sokeyou ta them f kind o, hardtisomendmes, a mesometie's therays no w to av emoid th." h mitcus"and jert dangouous. ykn chow, ngangies lanyi, trng to oi avemd thma or itybe th'll row u yo din areiffee nt lanif youdo a hitho potndle a a get flat tisore. h, yeas it'erconc."ning on althg wiag dam ve toleehics -- olpothiles wt l gee worsand wo ifrse he tirep not raired y.quicklha and tept's keing es ths e crewbusy. ma l rnelre"we'g havine a larg nt amouil of fasoures. 'r, wee re hallyg avintlto husrye to tto up keep ." inthis kord of w ck isedover in inthe mae tenanc -budget- but alofficicts expey' thexcll eeed bu the ecdget b tause aherere so ny maye this ar. f asepor rnglaciro some ads al ertogethno -- rec publiworks t-and r- wc willgeork toertho t hamake tcit de. sion "c elhannew 2 nins contthues wi iechmef teoloranogist gela ll schig'innps pi foint 2t,orecas dc broaceast iertifhed by ter am micanloeteorogical ci soety!" isradar in startecg to breome moti ach ve witr anothelow imovingngn. aloth with ine ra
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no h rtvimo sngthoull as we. mp teater wuresbeill d colenough r fo isnowe n ths hilla and mix ne hear tpo airfrrt. ayid te afwirnoon drll be thy wian r othed rouny earlrdsatuayrn moeving. sen da y incont sues to ahow anctive pa erttfon nor hertevrn nada. s with tnow innthe moundains a eyvalln, rai m and athix in e s.hill ks thanel anga. ra sdar isg tartinomto bece more ti ach ve witr anothevilow mong al in. thong wiai the rn and w snow ae'reselso ineing wds ck piin up. wsod advis ry goeth earough idrly froray m. ningweve hate a winher weatvir adsoryin ce plaou thrlygh eary fridaas itwell. de inclue s tahossand pa l. levepe temreratus are
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romount tuse. fu srecasthows s snow ghowersn oing oghtonit pe and s rhap eintoriarly fday.lo erw numbs one i tmovinghroughgh ri bt now,e ut somlsmode arehi atnting ys the s otem tourrt nongh movi a southlls we. ertemp waturesbeill d colghenoush acow an attive portern f he nortadrn nevita. wowh sn in mothe inuntavas and ailley rn, r radartis sta bing tomoecome re ve actih witheanotmor low vingin g . alonhewith tan rain d sn e'ow wlsre aeio seinng wdsck pi w up.viind adoesory gs ugthrorlh eaidy froray m. ningwe ve hain a wweter r athesoadviry lain phrce t eough farlyy ridaas . wellncit is ludee tahopaand ss ve leeml. ttuperaarres e cu tlrren ty inowhe l0'er 4ars nemo rount tuse. fu srecasthowsow snrs showe o goingghn tonit d ans perhaparinto erily fday. lo nuw ombermone is hrving tough t righutnow, bmo some redels ahi g ntinheat tm systeto our rt novih mooung ss th a. well attemperilures woll be cghd enou ashowtin acatve prnteor frt noevhern nitada. w ih snown e thinmountad s aneyvall rain, d anx a mi hin theills.
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bonlineorook sttte, "belder worok bonss" plare to hi 100 eeemployprs by a iil ande ncreasth 15at to he0 by tf end othe ar ye t forheir14 ou0-th ssande quar rfooteno er cent. fo y r everhebook t, y selltheydo anatek boohoto tnese in ed. ke mimi kaz eerski,eodawn c: s "it'kithe f nd oy companthat teyou o nd tlosee a t of ridistonbuti'r, weeae a grt ac pldie for bustri stiono yes me core to buno, tt whathey g brinhiis a poplanthricrs pee pectiv tthatwahey nt to b giveack." te "betd r worls"bookai has rsed mo n re thali22 millaon dolo rs t or supprat lite hcy andonas dated tmore18han il monliks boo. pformerephiladlglhia eaesco hiach, cy p kellakis ting er ov h thefoelm e r thsan cifran49sco gers,ttarrees giv
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jwithovust 2-er 2rehundrdd yas an -td 28doouchenwns te rouan to amalabtia na conaliohampp.nshi th rre wa wiorsloere g okintobo buncefrack heom trdir 3s los sof then apr gettyshood itot we h thn 9-wi ke lars. l iny ikellahis amst ge in anoaklhed, tir retkoing be ntbrya 8 hadin- pondts a bo6-re aundsawnd sph stery cur orgo fpo 26 aints-bnd 6s oard wathe rsrrioro imp37ve to -3wi 1th a8.16-9 -t oshe l ct toreonfelence ader is boate stste laht nig but dema aal vntiaun r....r afte g bein adownmus s ch ait14 wh , latepathe omck caces bk, le cothman yue lae p, ha had team hi 7-gh 1nt poid s anpathe asck w e,clos i butrots b dncosn owthe st 74retch ..- 67..loafter singco cenfidenou and yth know e best i parttes, my 'ram, wee a gonn twantmeo cok bacand k smacyoon wthming. t en nexti seme we e e boiswestate 'll nt
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arst pl t we'l chave atohance veget renge. th ge packouets abekt a we offga y me plad ant is ainwyomg ba wckh itlaa lstk oo yatr ou ca foreu'st. yochre wating ch 2 annel conews, yverageou can
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pa ancakess.nd egg anbacon d e.sausag ffcondee aj, o a and erkillce pri. 'sthat a, win win,wi inn, wn., wi degrnny's amand sler slugg , part t of4,he 2, 8 6, e valumenu. nn dey's. we e lcom atocameriin's der. mi aske has a lk t checr of youfo --recast n seventday cotoinues an show pactivernatte n forn ortherva nethda. wiw snohein tmo
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hex in t. hills hmikeasas a lk t checr of youre focast-- daseven iny cont sues tohow an ve actite patorrn fer northn ne wivada. noth s tw inhe un moantains eyd vall a rain,nd ax mi hin theills. mi ake hasch last yeck ofour caforest--se y ven dauecontin ss toanhow pactive fatternthor norern ne wivada. w th snoin the ta mound ins an rvalleyndain, a a tmix inilhe hls. yo t ur nexstnewscamo is torrow
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